22 – Extended Magnetic Arrays

Cubic form composed of 8-magnet spheres alternating with 14-magnet spheres in total magnetic continuity. The polarities of the adjacent groups have reverse polarity. If a 14 magnet sphere has its 8 corner-magnets’ south poles facing out and its 6 face-magnet’s north poles facing out, its neighboring 14-magnet set will orient these domains in reverse. The same alternation is true for the interstitial 8-magnet spheres. In principle, with all of the magnet complexes, if an individual magnet is revolved by hand, the entire set will follow like a chain of gears.

5-magnet cells in a hexagon beehive pattern. Magnetic linkage is continuous. In my Portrait of an Atom, this hexagon formation represents the arrangement of atoms in a plane of graphite.

A body-centered cubic arrangement of 14-magnet spheres. Each sphere connects to its neighbors at the corner positions of a cube.

A body-centered array of 8-magnet spheres. If this pattern is extended indefinitely each 8-magnet unit will have 8 neighbors at its corner positions.