13 – Triangulated Tension Networks (cont.)

Because all tension lines, strings, wires, cable, have some degree of elastic stretch, tensegrity structures themselves are elastic and springy depending on the tightness of the prestressing and the characteristics of the tension material and the structure’s geometrical form.

The elastic flexing of a tensegrity structure, a column for example, can be seen in the small rotations of the

right or left helixes in coordination with the stretching of the tension lines. A right-handed helix compresses with left rotation and vice versa.

The tower sculpture shown here and on page 4 is a good example. All tension lines — edges, slings, draws — are of equal length so that all type 2 triangles, colored green in the picture, are equilateral. When pressed down on and released the column responds like a coiled spring. Its name is “Equilateral Quivering Tower“.

Model of “Equilateral Quivering Tower