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Teddy’s True

Super Star

Study for Quadra Node

Sound Box

Six #2

Sigma Data II

Sagg Main Street


Pyramid Piece

Proto Newport

Penta Tower




Needle Tower (model)

Mirror Mirror

Mara Terry II


Key City


Greene Street III

Free Ride Home

X-Frame X-Cross

Inner Wedge

Double Track

Three of Diamonds

Crossweave Cross

Black and White Frame

Diagonal Double Cross

Wing I


T-Zone Flight

Triple Crown

Tri-Core Column

Sun River

Soft Landing

Sleeping Dragon

Rainbow Arch




Stu’s Atom

2009 stainless steel 24″x24″x24″

Free Ride Home

Four Chances

1979; Ed. 4 aluminum & stainless steel 35.5 x 42 x 32 inches 88 x 110 x 80 cm

Weaving <-> Tensegrity

Weaving and tensegrity share the same grounding principle of alternating helical directions; of left to right; of bypasses clockwise and counterclockwise. In these figures, the column on the left shows the primary weave cells. To their right are the equivalent basic tensegrity modules. By transposing each weave filament to become a strut (stick, tube or […]

Tetrahedral Spaceframe Weave

Five weave-tetrahedra, showing the basic three-dimensional tetrahedral weave pattern composed of weave-tetrahedra and weave-truncated-tetrahedra alternating in space with one another. This spatial weave pattern has four different directions of triangle/hexagon flat weave planes. These repeated planes align themselves with the face planes of a normal tetrahedron. The alternant, larger forms, the weave-truncated-tetrahedra, occupy the cavities […]

Octahedron/Cuboctahedron Woven Spaceframe

Regular Polyhedra; Weave-Polyhedra

Woven Column Structures

The Five Basic Weave Cells